What to avoid

According to the BBC, there are over 2 billion people who are overweight in the world today. This is related to a wide range of medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. However, approximately 40% of those who are normal-weight will have a metabolic dysfunction such as diabetes or hypertension. The main causes of such chronic diseases are lack of physical activity, tobacco use, abusive use of alcohol, and unhealthy diets.

While consumption of alcoholic beverages may induce a wide range of mutations to your health due to the presence of ethanol, it has been found that consumption of fructose, one of the sugars that can be naturally found in food such as fruits and vegetables may affect the body in many ways that are similar to the effects of alcohol. Fructose is present in many fizzy drinks as well as sweets. It is important to note that as fructose is present in fruit and vegetables an over-consumption of the following may affect your health.

It is therefore important to eat in moderation as an over-consumption of any type of food will have negative effects on the body. Effectively, it is estimated by the NHS that over half of the UK population eat more than they need. In order to diminish your calorie intake, it is recommended to reduce your consumption of fizzy drinks and alcohol while eating wholegrain food such as whole wheat pasta and wholemeal bread instead of foods such as white bread and white pasta.

During exam periods, we should also avoid too much snacking. An analysis of guild outlets has shown that there is a substantial increase in the amount of chocolate bars that students buy during exam times, an increase of 53%. Snacking in itself is not an inherent issue if we eat healthy snacks and don’t eat more unhealthy food during the main meals nor skip them.

Last of all, while it is important to pay attention to your diet you should avoid focusing too much on your body weight as you may then eat a lot less than is needed which would severely endanger your health. This is likely to be due to a distorted self-representation of your body image. Such is the case with individuals who suffer from anorexia nervosa. Sufferers of anorexia may experience headaches as well as a reduction in concentration and productivity. If you do have any uncontrollable issues with eating do contact your local GP.



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